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We design cakes for every occasion, not just weddings! Birthdays, bridal showers, gender reveals, baby showers…and everything you can possibly think of in between! From start to finish, it all starts with an idea…A color, a pattern, a theme. From that small idea grows the design concept, where the idea comes to life on paper! Its prepped, well thought out, baked, and delivered to you just as delicious as it looks! It is every single aspect of Russos that you love, brought to you in cake form. If you can dream it, we can do it!!!

And as far as wedding cakes go, what can we say; it’s become the center of attention (only next to the bride of course!!!)!

Your special day should have a special cake that reflects your love in every way! Maybe it’s a design detail from your dress? Maybe its drenched in hand painted sugar flowers, or a more simple reflection of your décor. Let us design something that will leave your guests in awe and send them off “happily ever after”.

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